Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Canadian visitors

Holy invasion the Crawford / Birtch nee Silcox clan descended on Villa 24 on June 14th and Alanea & Dave were very happy. It was fun to see the family, Dave's 2 sisters Dianne and Joanne and their husbands Bob & Warren. I went with them everywhere except the Frejus market but I have been there and it was too hot for me. I liked the attention and only barked a few times to let Dave know that they were coming for breakfast. I got my picture taken at the Chateau D'Esclans with everyone. We ended up at Chateau Palayson speaking to Alan about his experiences as a wine maker and historian. The 1st Christian church in France was discovered on his property. Dave always saves Alan for last because he really likes Alan and the wine is great for anyone who enjoys a more robust northern, warm by the fire at night wine. Alan's wife Christine is nice to me but she has a problem with Alan sometimes.

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