Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Alanea went to England for a conference and met Chesteroo in Guildford, Jame's and Brad's little boy.  They are all staying with Francis until they move to their new house, Francis is very kind.  He is a very good little boy but he had a little belly problem that is OK now.  Alanea says he is so black coloured that you cannot see him in photos unless he is on a light background.  Dave and Alanea took me to the beach today because it is my birthday.  I am 12 years old today and I am still going strong.  I have had an interesting 12 years.  Born in Stevenville Ontario I first me Alanea and Dave when they came to check me out at only a few weeks old, Dave said that I was small then but now I am big 3 kg.  I decided that I would let them take me instead of my brother because my brother was not so smart as me so once again proof "if you snooze you lose".  Alanea and Dave picked me up after Dave ran in the New York Marathon (because I could not go to New York) and the rest is history.  I had good friends in Toronto but I like it here too.  Sharon might come in September.  I am now living in France and staying happy by eating good food and avoiding the douche.  Unfortunately Aunt Francoise and Uncle Heinz from Switzerland inspired Dave to buy an outdoor shower and I got put into it because it is so hot here.  Another year and soon Uncle Georg and Aunt Birgit will be here from Denmark.  Maybe Chester will come to France for a visit or I can go there.
Alanea and Chester in Guildford

Me on the Beach on my 12th birthday

Dave and me au naturelle in the back yard shower.

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