Saturday, May 4, 2013

My friend Alanea is back from Toronto

Wow I can't believe she did so much stuff there without me.  She had many many reunions with old friends and family (way before my time but I promised not to rub that part in)....everything from her old high school friends who shared old stories  which are still very funny...she has invited them all to come to France to escape the law...all I know is it's something to do with stolen silverware!!!
If that wasn't enough she had lunch with two of her CT buddies and  heard all about attempted midnight robberies and injuries in pursuit of the perps.
And finally she got together with her friend Pat and they will be in the next issue of the Vic Report....their alumni magazine.  My auntie Pat was Alanea's roomie at university and they are still dear friends.
Check out the pics of the two good's a good thing I like my AP or I could be jealous....and who is Northrope Frye and why are they hugging his statue?  I will have to look that up on Google when I can get to Dave's computer.

The garden is growing like crazy...Dave was put to work as you can's a good thing we had a rest when Alanea was away.

Stay tuned for the next post when we will talk about Sharon and Cargo, Pat's new puppy, a new friend in Hong Kong and more stuff.

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  1. That was quite a trip I'll bet Dave was lonely and thirsty.