Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saint Valentine's Day

Alanea & Dave took me to lunch on Feb 13 and I was good in the restaurant but not good enough to go to dinner on the 14th.  Dave said that because it was Valentine's Day Alanea deserved to have a nice dinner without my hungry face looking at her.  I am always hungry.  So away they went to their favorite restaurant in St. Aygulf called Pizza Napole.  They were the 1st people there but it filled up very fast.  Dave brought me home a piece of steak in his pocket just like Gramma Silcox used to do for Big Pally.  She always brought a lot of meat home for Pally, Grampa's 105 lb Labrador Retriever.  Dave said if I am not careful I will get big like Pally.

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