Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow in my new house in France

I could not believe it this morning there was a big snow storm here.  We watched the snow fall on our jardin and there were 2 green parrots flying around in the neighbours yard.  You don't think about snow much in the south of France but Alanea says anything is possible (after living with Dave she knows about strange things).  I did not like it snowing and refused to go outside.  I used to play in the big snow in Toronto but here it just does not seem right so I stayed inside.  Dave carried me outside for a pee but I ran inside very fast.  Dave and Alanea took a few pictures but I stayed in my little couch and looked out of the window.  I sure hope that the Mimosas are OK and do not freeze.  The Olive tree is Beautiful with snow but better with Olives.

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